Three-faced Daikokuten floating process round purse Cowhide/Leather

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This is a round purse of the three-faced Daikokuten, worshiped as Nenjibutsu by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who succeeded in unifying the world. Daikokuten in the front, Bishamonten on the left, and Benzaiten on the right. How about as Nenji Wallet or Omamori Wallet? *Nenjibutsu is a Buddhist statue dedicated to oneself, and is generally a small Buddha statue that can be carried around so that it can be worshiped at all times. Specifications Zipper Closure Bill Compartment x3 Zipper x1 Card Slot x8 Pocket x2 Pocket x2 Daikokuten has roles as a god of battle and a god of bountiful harvest. Bishamonten is the strongest god of war and treasure, while Benzaiten is the god of art, music, and treasure. It can be said that it is the strongest god that unites gods with benefits. ●Remarks● *The color and texture of the image may look different from the actual product depending on your monitor or device settings. * Due to the characteristics of natural materials, leather products may have slight scratches, stains, wrinkles, uneven colors, etc.


Category Purse, Wallet / Accessories, Fashion_Wallet
Material ・ Item Cowhide Leather
Model Embossed Round
Country of originJapan
Color Gold


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