Karesansui Kit Scenery with Karesansui and torii Miniature garden Figurines and objects Natural stone/paulownia

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■ A set that allows you to enjoy a dry landscape garden indoors. Fill the wooden box with white sand and place the stones. I draw patterns in the sand with a quiet feeling. All of a sudden I feel relaxed... It's also good to enjoy with bonsai and moss balls! A set of 6 red torii miniatures in a dry landscape garden [pebble gravel] Small size A bookmark is also attached. English version on the back. It can also be used as a gift for overseas customers.


Category Figurines and objects, Interior, Interior
Material ・ Item Natural stone Moth
ManufacturerMIDORIYA Japanese grass (NIKOGUSA)
Model Scenery with dry landscape and torii miniature garden
Country of originJapan
Color White , Red
AccessoriesInstruction Manual, Instruction Manual (English)


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