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100% Arima Onsen Kinsen has developed two types of dyeing methods.The most important thing is to dye it in the color of Arima Onsen. . We sell Calfs dyed in Arima Onsen and stoles handwoven from dyed threads. Fashionable stoles that are handwoven one by one can be worn by both men and women, from casual to formal occasions. Local production for local consumption, it is a product that can only be made at Arima Onsen in Kobe City. It took many years for the dyeing to take root at Arima Onsen Kinsen, and finally we were able to sell it. After many years of research, I was overwhelmed by the record that even in the Edo period, cloth dyed in Arima Onsen sold well when wrapped around the stomach and warmed the stomach. I am very happy to be able to revive in the present age of Reiwa. Please take it in your hand and enjoy the feeling.


Category Stall, Fashion accessories, Fashion_Accessories
Material ・ Item Silk100%
Model Arima Onsen dyeing
Country of originJapan
Color Arima Onsen Dyed One Color


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