Night Gel Mask Serum Chitin Nanofiber Serum

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A rich moisturizing gel essence that blends well with the skin with a rich texture that pursues barrier and maintenance. The active ingredient niacinamide that gives skin firmness approaches the stratum corneum of the skin. Naturally derived ingredient chitin nanofiber supports the balance of moisture and oil content on the skin surface, prevents skin dryness and cares for skin damage (chitin nanofiber is blended as hydrolyzed chitin). It also contains a luxurious blend of beauty ingredients such as the plant-derived ingredient G-Luco silceramide. We carefully selected the amount of niacinamide, a moisturizing ingredient, and reduced the types of ingredients to avoid unnecessary ingredients for the skin. The non-sticky gel essence adheres to the skin, enveloping the skin in a transparent veil as if applying a sheet mask, allowing beauty ingredients to penetrate. It makes dry fine wrinkles inconspicuous and keeps moisture in the skin, so it is also recommended for those who are starting to worry about aging. It can be used daily every night, so it is sure to come in handy during the season when dryness is a concern!


Category Beauty essence, Beauty, Beauty
Model Chitin nanofiber
Country of originJapan


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